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Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Light Night LightInduction Corridor Night Lamp Infrared Remote Control Body Sensor


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Is Bulbs Included : No
Shape : Round
Type : Atmosphere
Power Generation : Motion
Wattage : 0-5W
Power Source : Dry Battery
Battery Type : AA
Certification : CCC
Body Material : Plastic
Light Source : LED Bulbs
Is Batteries Included : No
Voltage : Other
Usage : Emergency
Is Batteries Required : Yes
Model Number : no
Origin : CN(Origin)
Is Smart Device : Yes

Color White
Material PE
Syetern Over Android 4.4 / IOS 8.0 Versions
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.2
Sensor Angle & Distance 120°, 5-7m
Color Temperature 2700k
Rated Power 0.3w
Rated Voltage 4.5V
Rated Current 60mA
Battery  3 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Battery Life Over 10 months

Size Φ88 x 34mm

Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light
You have not arrived, the light is already there.
Multi-lamp linkage, lighting in order | flexible adjustment of duration and brightness | indirect light source, gentle illumination | light perception and human body induction

Philips Lighting has established the EyeComfort trademark to make LED luminaires perform well in terms of flicker, stroboscopic effect, photobiosafety, glare, dimming, tinting, color rendering and auditory noise.

New night light, the first one senses you
Linking up other night lights
Light anytime, anywhere, you first come. Place the night light according to your walking route. When you get out of bed at night, the night light on the foot will be illuminated and trigger the connected along the way.
The night lights in the corridors and restrooms are all lit, one step in place, and the lights are used to guide the steps, no longer black and night, and used with the Bluetooth gateway. It can also trigger other Mijia smart devices.

Children can start their own night
Good light, no longer afraid of black
Children who sleep independently, the most feared is to go to the toilet at night, one person facing the black painted corridor and the black hole door. Night lights string the path from the children’s room to the bathroom.
You can do it yourself, without your parents. Combined with the linkage function, it can trigger the equipment next to the parents, the children’s movements, parents can also do their best.

Rich intelligent linkage
The night light is on, and the ceiling light turns on the night light mode.
Built-in light and infrared dual sensors, through other Bluetooth gateway-enabled devices, such as Mijia bedside lamp, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock, Mijia ceiling lamp, Xiaomi Mijia smart camera…
When the night light is on, you can control other smart devices to turn on at the same time.

Intelligent light control induction, ultra low power consumption
-Every night, there is good light
It is determined whether the night light is illuminated by sensing the brightness of the surrounding environment. In the case of good daylight and good lighting, the night light goes out.
In the case of night and poor lighting, after infrared induction, someone will light up the night light. 10 months long battery life*, the real peace of mind and energy saving.

Customize lighting duration and brightness
-Different living habits have solutions
Preset 4 big scenes to customize your home life. Through the intelligent setting of Mijia APP, the time of custom lighting is adjusted, and the brightness is steplessly adjusted. Whether it is an elderly person with slow movement or an infant who needs to care for both eyes, they can have their own special night light.

Indirect lighting design for luxury stores
Soft and comfortable, care for every night
Soft and comfortable front light source + Soothing and long back light source, both hidden in the lamp housing, the light passes through a hundred turns, avoiding direct light from both eyes.
Give you a better visual experience.

Large sensing range and sensing distance
Double sensing technology, a good step
120° large angle sensing range with a sensing distance of 5-7 meters. Using advanced photosensitive sensing technology and human body infrared sensing technology, it automatically turns on under dim light conditions to meet your various light needs.