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UNI-T UT343D Car Paint Surface Detector LED Light HD LCD Screen Backlight


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
With Backlight Or Not : Yes
Model Number : UT343D

1. Highly sensitive sensor, using diamond embedded technology, has the characteristics of precision, wear resistance and stability.

2. Three-color warning lights indicate that green means qualified, red means below the limit, and yellow means above the limit.

3. HD LCD backlight, measurement under low light conditions, and automatically rotate the screen during measurement, convenient for viewing data.

4. Through USB communication with the host computer, it can export and
store data, draw 3 kinds of trend graphs, real-time online measurement and
printing functions.

5. The ABS protective layer and high-quality rubber are matched and
molded to resist shock, shake and fall.

6. In the normal measurement mode, long press the confirm key to enter
the self-calibration mode.

Brand: UNI-T     

Model: UT343D    

Type: Coating
Thickness Gauge

range: 0~1.25mm

method: Digital display

Voltage: 3V   

convex radius of curvature: 5mm

Minimum concave radius of curvature: 50mm

measuring area diameter: 20mm

basic thickness: 0.5mm

Data storage:
500 sets of measured values can be stored

Backlight brightness: 5 levels of brightness