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UNI-T UT-P43/P44 Oscilloscope 25Mhz 50Mhz AC DC DC9V1000mA 4.5mm High Precision High Stability


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Electrical
Digital Channels : Other
Band Width : Less than 60MHz
Display Size : None
Display resolution : Other
Real Time Sampling Rate : Other
Model Number : UT-P43,UT-P44
Record Length : 130cm
Max Waveform Capture Rate : 60,000wfm/s
IS Battery Demountable : No

1. It adopts advanced magnetoelectric sensor to realize accurate
measurement of current signal by testing the magnetic field signal generated by

2. The frequency bandwidth of measuring current signal is up to 50MHz. 

3. The current probe is exquisite in appearance, sturdy in structure,
and has high stability and accuracy. 

4. This series of current probes can be used in conjunction with the
UT-P35 or UT-P36 differential probes produced by our company to perform
complete voltage, current, and power analysis on the circuit. The delay error
between any two is less than 1ns. 

Brand: UNI-T

Type: Communication
testing equipment

Model: UT-P43/P44

UT-P43 Bandwidth-3dB: 25MHz              

UT-P44 Bandwidth-3dB50MHz

UT-P43 Rise Time: 14ns              

UT-P44 Rise Time: 7ns

UT-P43 Maximum measuring current: 20ADC+peak AC                  

UT-P44 Maximum measuring current: 40A (DC+peak AC)

UT-P43 Current conversion ratio: 100mV/A                             

UT-P44 Current conversion ratio: 50mV/A

measured voltage to ground: 400V
DC+peak AC

noise: Less
than or equal to1m Vrms
1m Vrms

Linearity: 1%

adapter output voltage: DC9V,1000mA

adapter input power: AC 100-240V

measuring wire diameter: 4.5mm

line length: Approximately 130cm

body mass: 150g