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Trustfire Minix Mini EDC Flashlight Kechain 320LM 365nm Uv Lamp Red Light TypeC USB Rechargeable Colourful Gift 2 Mode Led Torch


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Overview and Specifications:

Trustfire Minix Mini EDC Flashlight Kechain 320LM 365nm Uv Lamp Red Light TypeC USB Rechargeable Colourful Gift 2 Mode Led Torch

Trustfire MINIX white + red / UV light multi-purpose key light

Feature:Mini flashlight; pocket flashlight; Rechargeable led flashlight; Flashlight keychain; Keychain flashlight;mini torch; Mini led flashlight;

mini flashlight keychain; keychain flashlight for keys; Keychains; lantern keychain; Flashlight keychain; keychain light

Max lumens 320LM    Max Beam distance  86mDual light source design, one light for multiple uses

Available in four colors, each light is paired with two light sources, white + red light or white + UV light.

Cool black (white + red light), diamond blue (white + red light), the ultimate gray (white + UV light), luxury purple (white + UV light)

Red light source, long range, strong penetration

MINI X uses 620nm wavelength red light source, strong penetration, suitable for warning lighting, early warning emergency, signal distress, and the effect of mosquito repellent.

Warning lighting, early warning and emergency

Walk alone in the dark, turn on the red light mode, play a warning lighting, early warning emergency, etc., 620nm has a strong penetrating power, can be quickly discovered by teammates.

Wilderness survival necessary signal distress light

In case of danger, turn on the MINI X red flashing mode in time to send SOS distress signal; MINI X with 3.7V 300mAh lithium polymer battery, red flashing up to 9 hours, the necessary flashlight for wilderness survival.

Camping in the wild. Red light repels mosquitoes

When camping in the wild, the MINI X's red light also has a mosquito-repelling effect, repelling mosquitoes from the tent and keeping them away from bites.
Too many mosquitoes, can't sleep at all
MINI X's red light repels mosquitoes, so you can sleep through the night.

MIN X uses 365nm wavelength UV light source

UV light is also called UV light source, UV light wavelength range in 200-400nm, 365nm wavelength belongs to the long-wave UV.

1/Bacteria detection

365nm is widely used to detect ringworm, acne, ringworm of the head, ringworm of white, ringworm of flowers, ringworm of red, ringworm of axillary hair; certain pigmented lesions such as chloasma, age spots, coffee spots, etc., as well as neurofibroma, skin tumors, vitiligo, etc. All are commonly used in dermatology.

2/Fluorescent agent detection

365nm ultraviolet light, in clean objects, irradiation shows white, only in the object fluorescent agent, shows blue; many products in life and fluorescent agent, are harmful to the human body, we can detect through MINI X, for example: diapers, saliva wipes, shoes, clothing, paper towels, toys, blankets, masks, lotions, nail polish, laundry detergent, face wash, sanitary napkins. etc. can be tested for the presence of fluorescent agents.

3/Banknote inspection

365nm ultraviolet light can also detect the authenticity of banknotes; when collecting money and making change, shine a light at any time to avoid receiving counterfeit money.Animal skin testing & Bathroom bacteria detection

Easy to unlock at night

Go home too late at night, no lights, take

TYPE-C fast charging

Charging instructions.
1. Turn off the flashlight, remove the waterproof cap on the side of the flashlight, and insert the Type-C interface of the charging cable into the charging socket of the flashlight.
2. When the flashlight receives a charging signal, the charging indicator will light up in red, and turn to green when the flashlight is fully charged.
3. After charging operation, you should unplug the charging cable and press the waterproof cover back tightly to ensure the waterproof performance of the flashlight, and then you can use the flashlight normally.    

One-button operation

Single button independent control, can control the flashlight switch, white light intensity regulation, can switch to red light / UV light, red light / UV light flashing, also can lock the flashlight switch to prevent accidental touch.
Long press the switch for 0.5s to turn on/off the flashlight
Change modes
White light mode: click the switch to switch modes in sequence of moonlight mode → low mode → middle mode → high mode.Red light mode and purple light mode: click the switch to switch modes in sequence of red light mode/purple light mode → red flashing/purple flashing.◎ Memory ModeWhen the flashlight is in any mode under white light mode, it will automatically memorize the current working mode. After it is turned off, it will start to work in the current memory mode.Lock: When the flashlight is turned off, double click the switch quickly to enter lock mode, the flashlight will flash twice and then enter lock mode.Lock: When the flashlight is turned off, double click the switch quickly to enter lock mode, the flashlight will flash twice and then enter lock mode.

Power indicator

When the flashlight is turned off, please touch the top switch and you will see the power indicator lights up and go out automatically after 2 seconds. Different colors show different remaining battery power, the corresponding relationship is as follows:
Green: 80%-100% Yellow: 20%-80% Red: 5%-20% Red flashing: 1%-5%

One-piece molding fashionable and good-looking

Simple and smooth lines design, full metal build, CNC precision machining, exquisite and compact, put the pocket, put the bag, or straight hanging on the bag, comfortable grip, fashionable and g