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Trustfire Mc18 Headlamp Led Cree Xp-Lhi 18650 Magnetic 2a Usb Rechargeable Head Lamp 1200lm Flashlight Headlight Magnet Tail Cap


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Overview and Specifications:

Trustfire MC18 1200 Lumens Led Flashlight Torch EDC & Outdoor Lighting Torch Magnetic Rechargeable 18650 Battery Work Light Lamp

MC18 is a perfect magnetic USB charge EDC flashlight and headlamp for dual-use, intelligent circuit build inside,constant current,constant brightness. with a faster 5V 2A magnetic charging cable and it could charge directly with power bank, computer etc. you can charge it conveniently. Free your hands and increase exploration of the outdoor experience

Product Specification

1/Powered by 1*18650 or 2*CR123A, 400 hours runtime in moonlight mode.
2/ 5 working modes: High>Middle>Low>Moonlight>Strobe.
3/3 years warranty
4/Could be used as headlamp, flashlight, EDC light, camping light.  Lumens up to 1200LM
5/Patent mode conversion design.with pocket clip
6/Package including 1*18650 3000mAh battery, 1*Magnetic rechargeable cable, 1*MC18 headlamp, 1*Headlight belt, 1*Headlight mount, 1*nice package box.
7/Specification: 84mm (length) x 29.5mm (diameter)
8/ Net weight: 40.2g

Trustfire MC18 Exquisite fashion, portable and compact

Both headlamp and flashlight, multi-functional corner magnetic suction flashlight
Magnetic charging
power indication
Magentic at the bottom
triple circuit protection

Trustfire MC18 Operation:One-click operation

1/ ON/OFF: hold down for 0.8 second
2/Switch working mode:click to change modes(switching cycle)
3/Memory mode:automatically memorize the current mode
4/Strobe mode: hold down for 2 seconds
5/Lock/unlock: double-click in quick
6/Magnetic charging: automatic adsorption
Note:  The ON/OFF mode and the Strobe mode should be used in unlock mode

Trustfire MC18 Magentic function at the bottom

With the tail magnetic suction can be adsorbed on the surface of iron-like metal, the flexible design of the side lights, magnetic suction on the top metal can provide lighting at all angles.

Trustfire MC18 Magnetic charging

Magnetic charging is very fast and can be operated freely even in the dark.
Automatic adsorption
Magnetic charging cable interface, close to the flashlight charging position, you can automatically adsorption in place, and start charging, the maximum current 2A.
Red: charging
Green: full
When the charging cable in standby and not charging the flashlight, the charging cable will flash regularly

MC18 Power indicator function

The top of the flashlight neck has a power indicator, when the power is off, touch the switch, the power indicator lights up, 2 seconds regret automatically off, different colors represent different remaining power.

IP68 protection

Maximum level-6 dust protection,level-8 waterproof, perfect dust protection,it can be used 2 meters in water normally

Trustfire MC18 Optical System

The MC18 uses the MVB optical system and the internationally patented CREE XP-L HI lamp beads.

Compare to other lenses

MVB adopts outdoor lighting system, natural light transmission, ultra-high density processing, ultra-thin lens, higher light transmission efficiency

Easy to carry  travel essential

The length of the flashlight 84mm, can be easily stored in clothing pockets, wallets and backpacks, etc., easy to carry
Net weight: 40.2g (exclude battery)

Triple circuit protection

1/Anti-reverse connection design to prevent the battery from being installed backwards and causing harm to the circuit
2/Low voltage warning:If the power is about to run out when the low brightness gear is detected, the red indicator light will start flashing, indicating that the power is insufficient; the light of the flashlight will flash slowly three times a minute to remind, charge the battery to avoid damage to the battery
3/Intelligent constant temperature:When the built-in chip detects a high temperature, it will gradually reduce the working power to avoid rapid overheating of the flashlight, after the temperature is reduced, it will automatically and gradually restore the current gear of full power work.

Fuselage material

Made of aviation aluminum AL6061-T6 surface for military grade three hard anodized anti-wear treatment.