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Portable Beer Foam Machine Full Bubble Beer Machine Ultrasonic Beer Foamer Household Beer Bubbler


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Other
Certification : CIQ
Bar Accessories Type : Other
Model Number : BEER-F1
Quantity : 1
Feature : Eco-Friendly

1. Easily disassembled for cleaning and high temperature disinfection

2. One-handed operation, convenient and quick

3. Strong compatibility:applicable to 90% of glass wine bottles on the market

-40000 times/S ultrasonic high frequency vibration is just for enjoying a glass of delicious beer
With the help of an ultrasonic vibration device, the beer foam machine can pressurize ordinary bottled beer, use the gasification of the carbonic acid contained in the beer to make the beer produce rich foam, and enhance the texture and taste of the beer.
The role of beer foam:
1. Lock the aroma of beer malt
-The foam forms a “beer cover” to prevent the beer from oxidizing and changing its flavor after contact with air.
2. Wheat fragrance, more mellow
-The aroma of malt and yeast is emitted when the foam is broken.
3. Taste, smoother
-Reduce the bitterness of beer and make the mouth more delicate and sweet.
4. Identify the quality of beer
-The foam of high-quality beer is often rich and delicate, the foam holding is long, and the hanging phenomenon is obvious.

-Easily disassembled for cleaning and high temperature disinfection
The upper and lower parts of the machine are separated. The upper part is an electronic part and cannot be washed, and the lower part is a wine-producing part, which can be washed with water and can be sterilized at high temperature.
-The interface shrinks and expands freely, and the compatibility is strong. It is suitable for 90% of the glass wine bottles sold on the market
-Conventional dry batteries do not need to be charged. 2 AAA alkaline batteries last for a long time, super power saving
-One-handed operation, convenient and fast, automatically shuts down in 20 seconds, avoiding forgetting to shut down and power consumption

Applicable specifications:
Outer diameter of bottle mouth: 26.3± 0.3mm
Inner diameter of bottle mouth: 17.5±1.5mm
Power supply: AAA alkaline battery X2 (not included)
Working voltage: DC3.0V
Machine weight: 88g
Product Size:
42.4 (W) X 42.4 (D) X H94.5 (H) (mm)

Product material: aluminum alloy, ABS, TPE, silicone