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Mini portable USB 3.1 type-C to HDMI HD 4K conversion cable


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : CYC-1
Material : Rubber
Width : 2.1cm
Length : 16.5cm
Package : Yes

1 Product name: Type-C/HDM connector
2 connection type: Type-C31 high-speed interface
3. Expansion port: HDMI4K HD
44 K HDMI high-definition interface: multifunctional 4k converter, Kuang Mian supports 4K*2K, supports
Can be connected to monitors, TVs, projectors and other equipment to enjoy cinema-level video enjoyment. You can also make presentations on the same big screen.
5 Product function: USB31 Type-C TO HDMI4K, compatible with HDPC protocol data transmission and computer connection with 4K HD TV or projector, etc.
Applicable to: Suitable for iPad pro2018, Apple Macbook, Huawei Mate Book and other series, Huawei P20/pr0, Huawei P30/P30pro, Huawei Mate20/pro, etc., Samsung s9/S10, Xiaomi notebook, Asus Lingyao 3, other with Type interface ‘S notebook
7. Function: It is a video transmission cable, and the device has a USBC interface for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., UsB-C connection size, supports positive and negative insertion
According to the transmission, the HDM output end supports up to 4K*2K video resolution, output equipment, high-definition display, LCD TV, etc. (requires the equipment itself to have Type-c protocol)