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Converter USB Guitar Link Cable USB Powered With CD Drive Support Laptop USB Guitar Link Cable


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Gender : Male-Female
Connector A : USB
External Power Source : No
Connector B : USB
Model Number : yy-au05
Size : 2
Weight : 0.02kg
Type : 1
Bundle : Bundle 1
Package : Yes
Amplifier : No
Plug Type : US Plug
Origin : CN(Origin)

Technical parameters:

Impedance of input port: high impedance (hi)250k ohm, low impedance (low)400k ohm
Output impedance of earphone port: 50 ohms
Large output level: -2dbu,2*3.7mW @ 100 ohms
Sampling: 16bit, 48kHz high

Product weight: 76g

1, usb directly plugged into the computer, easy to connect

2. The asio channel allows your effects to be used directly (you can also use software such as guitarrig)

3. Let the computer become your guitar effector, and all kinds of powerful effectors can be downloaded online for free (you can find more such as boss single pieces online, etc.)

4. Provide high resistance input port (the input port of general professional sound card can not be directly connected to guitar)

5, bring your own headset output, direct monitoring

This USB interface makes you even more powerful

Supported effector software
The Native Instruments Guitar Combos perfectly reproduces three classical amplifier speakers. The sound of analog tube amplifier speakers is authentic, warm, pure and dynamic

GUITAR COMBO I has completely changed British pop music. The sound of this amplifier speaker is unique, giving people endless imagination space: from soft sound to distorted sound

GUITAR COMBO II provides the clean timbre and “chirp” of blues. In the past few decades, this warm and distinctive timbre has provided valuable colors for countless music on the list

GUITAR COMBO III embodies the timbre of rock music, and its tube amplifier nurtured guitars in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Its timbre is warm and tough, and it is full of personality

Plug your guitar directly into your computer and turn your computer or Mac computer into a guitar amplifier and recording device without any other hardware
Good simulation software can be matched with Guitar Combos guitar amplifier and single effector of Native Instruments immediately
Kristal’s 16-channel music recording and Audacity editing software are excellent

Can be directly connected to a computer or Mac computer-supports ultra-low delay ASIO driver, stereo headphone output, so that you can play with the computer, and this output can also be used for monitoring (active speaker)
Replay of files with different speeds is suitable for MP3, WAV and AIFF audio files-it is an ideal function during practice

USB interface supplies power-no external power supply is needed
High-quality components and extremely strong structure make the products durable

With it, you can immediately use all the world-famous software effectors such as GTR 3 Guitar Rig 3 recreatermkiii Amplitude! Cheap and practical!