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AUX AUX-S6 Electric Hair Clipper Digital Display Rechargeable/Electric Both Work Titanium Plated Cutter Head


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Power Type : Rechargeable/Electric Both Work
Voltage : Global Universal(100-240V)
Blade Material : Titanium Alloy
Charging Time : 5h
Usage Time : 120 minutes
Target Audience : Universal

1. Remove the
limit comb, and trim the corners with four-speed trimming.

2. The blade is
smooth and sharp, preventing hair pinching, and trimming is safe and fast.

3. The contact
area between the cutter head and the skin adopts an R-shaped rounded design,
which can safely touch the skin and protect the scalp from harm.

4. Charge for 4
hours and use about 2 hours.

5. Using smart
digital display, the remaining power and charging display are all intuitively

Brand: AUX

Model: AUX-S6

Power: 10 (W)

Power Type: Rechargeable/Electric
Both Work

Blade Material: Titanium

Charging Time: 4h

Usage Time: about 2h