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8W /15W/20W RGB Dimmable Ceiling Lamp Bluetooth-Compatible Colorful Spot LED Recessed Round Light Smart Home Downlight 110V 220V


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Overview and Specifications:

Bluetooth connection embedded LED downlight

1. Through the network between the lamp and the lamp, you can control the downlight in any corner of the house by taking out your mobile phone from any position, without distance limitation.
2.The lamp can isolate water vapor and can be used in the bathroom.
3.You can control the lights in groups or control the downlights in different rooms. You can also control the lights individually.
4.It can be timed, follow the music and a variety of flashing modes. (Adjustable blinking speed.)
5.Adjustable brightness. You can also change the color.
6.This product uses Bluetooth connection. Cannot use WiFi connection.