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616E 2.4G Dual-mode Remote Control Car Toy High-speed 4WD Drifting Car Climbing Car Toy Childrens Racing Car Model


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Remote Control : Yes
Charging Voltage : 5V
Controller Mode : MODE2
Control Channels : 4 Channels
Age Range : > 14 years old,> 8 years old,Grownups,12-15 Years,8-11 Years,5-7 Years
Package Includes : USB Cable,Remote Controller,Operating Instructions,Batteries,Original Box
Design : Cars
Model Number : 616E
Torque :
Dimensions : 23*30*20cm
Scale : 1
Warranty :
Remote Distance : 40-50M
Warning :
Wheelbase :
Tire Track :
Action Time : 40Min
State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
Power :
Steering servo :
Throttle servo :
Certification : 3C
Barcode : No

A 616E cross-border explosion of 2.4G alloy gesture sensing dual-mode remote control car high-speed four-wheel drive drift climbing racing boy children’s toy.

1: Appearance design adopts dynamic off-road modeling, simulation model, domineering exposed, bold lines, realistic effects, full of power.

2: It is made of high-quality, safe and non-toxic plastic and alloy materials through a variety of processes. It is strong and strong, resistant to falling and impact, and durable. Equipped with an upgraded version of cool wear-resistant tires, a combination of multiple small rubber wheels, lightweight material, flexible, pressure-resistant, strong grip, and more suitable for various complex terrains such as sand, gravel road, grass, and snow.

3: The newly upgraded handle + gesture dual mode, you can easily remote control the toy car by swinging left and right gestures to meet different needs. The traditional handle remote control can also be used, and the remote control distance can reach 40M. Equipped with an upgraded version of powerful motor and built-in high-energy battery life, it is equipped with four-wheel drive and an excellent shock absorption system. It has stronger driving and climbing capabilities, better off-road performance, flexibility and ease, and it can easily conquer 45° slopes.

4. It supports 360-degree drift, automatic demonstration, in-situ rotation, left/right horizontal travel, arbitrary angle oblique travel and other functions. It is equipped with independent suspension and shock absorber springs, which has stronger passability and is not afraid of bumps. According to different venues, it can switch between leveling mode and climbing mode.

5. Equipped with a 3.7V high-rate rechargeable lithium battery, the charging time is 2H, and it can be operated continuously for 40min when it is full, which truly realizes the worry-free play. The colors are bright and eye-catching, which makes you love it.


Material : ABS/Alloy
Remote Control : Yes
Charging Voltage : 5V
Controller Mode : MODE2
Control Channels : 4 Channels
Model Number : 616E
Dimensions : 27*17*20CM
Scale : 1
Remote Distance : 50M
Action Time : 40 Min

Charging time:120 minutes

Remote Distance:40 meters