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36W WiFi Modern Smart LED Light Ceiling Lamp RGB+Dimmable APP Bluetooth Music Home Light With Remote Control 33cmX6.5cm


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Overview and Specifications:


this product link sells 2 types lamp

→type 1: smart bluetooth lamp(BT33-1)

→type 2: smart wifi lamp(WF33-1)


For the bedroom, living room, conference room, kitchen, living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, stairwell, workshops and exhibitions, etc.

Packing List:

1x LED Ceiling Lamp

1x Accessories Bag

1x Remote Control

1x User Manual


type 1: smart bluetooth lamp

Note(very important):

This is Bluetooth light, only need to connect with your phone bluetooth directly. It cannot connect with alexa or other wifi device


Product name: iLink smart bluetooth lamp



Color temperature: RGB + Warm White + Cold White

Input voltage:100- 240V/ 50-60 Hz

Wattage:36 W

Control Mode:i-link App + Remote Control

APP Name: iLink (Please contact our customer for specific iLink smart bluetooth lamp User Manual)


1) APP remote control: Smart Life APP can be used to remotely control the light on and off, change the light color, the brightness. It can be controlled remotelly throught th i-link App. Even if you are away from home, you can control the status of the light, etc

2) Timing: The smart light is automatically turned on and off at a given time through the timer function, auto light and auto music.

3) Colorful: 16 million colors for you to choose and make your life colorful. Adjust the color temperature from 3000-6500K, make the light you want.

4) Music Sync: The lighting brightness can be changed in sync with the beat of your favorite music, creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Change any room to a dance floor, or create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Such as living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on.

5) Sound effect setting:Pop, Classical, Jazz Bass and Flat.

type 2: smart wifi lamp


Product name: Tuya WiFi Smart LED Light

Function: Voice Control, APP Remote Control, Dimmable, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Light color: RGB + Warm white + White


Wattage:36 W

Input voltage:100- 240V/ 50-60 Hz

LED Amount:72pcs 1W/PCS 5050smd

APP Download: Tuya Smart

Network: 2.4G Wifi + bluetooth

➽➽➽(smart wifi lampUser Manual, Please contact our customer to send to you.


1) Voice Control:Easy voice control of all smart light bulbs via integration with Amazon Alexa Echo or Google Home Assistant.

2) Timing Control:By using light schedules on APP, the lights can be turned on and off periodically

3) Remote: Keep connecting this wifi smart light with your home network (only supports 2.4GHz Wifi), you can remotely control smart light on your smartphone Simulate when you leave home.

4) Group Control: Group control function allows you to control more than one smart light bulb at the same time for scene setting.

5) Energy saving: LED spotlights consume a minimum amount of electricity and are even lower in energy consumption than energy saving lamps.

🔺Note: If you don't have a 2.4G network at home, you can share a hotspot connection on your phone