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360 Degree Rotatable Car Phone Holder Multifunctiona Auto Rearview Mirror Seat Hanging Clip Bracket Cell Phone Holder for Car


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Overview and Specifications:

1. The angle can be adjusted and can be rotated 360° to meet the needs
of different sight lines; at the same time, it also supports horizontal
and vertical screen switching, and the navigation angle can be adjusted
at will, which is convenient for you to plan your route and drive
2. The bracket adopts a hidden design, you only need to pull the bracket
out of the rearview mirror when using it; if you don't need it, you can
gently push the bracket behind the rearview mirror, which will not
interfere with your sight or affect Your driving is safe.
3. This bracket can be installed on the rear-view mirror, which is
convenient for touching the screen with one hand while driving, and
adjusting the navigation route with one hand, ensuring driving safety
and restoring family members.
4.50-100mm adjustable width, suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, can be adjusted according to needs.
5. You can clamp the phone holder in any position. In addition to the
rearview mirror, you can also install it in the car seat, kitchen,
bedroom, to facilitate your study, work and pass the boring time.

Name: Multifunctional Hanging Clip Bracket
Material: ABS
Category: Bracket
Size: about 14.6*5.5*2.6cm
Application: car rearview mirror, seat, kitchen, bedroom, table, cabinet, etc.

Package includes: