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28keys Digital Keyboard Calculator Rechargeable LCD Display 2 In 1 Mini Portable Ultra Thin Wireless Bluetooth Numeric Keypad


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Bluetooth Wireless
Application : Number
Keyboard Standard : Mini Keyboard
Language : English,Other
Operation Style : Capacitive
Model Number : 58AG
Interface Type : Bluetooth
Style : Numeric Keyboard
Wrist Support : No
Package : Yes
Full Size keyboard : No
Axis Body Brand : no

Function Description
[send] Send calculator’s result or screen’s display to PC
[esc/GT]  ESC; Delete latest input/Grand Total Esc
[MAC/calculator] Switch between Calculator mode and Keypad mode
[delete/←]  Delete; Delete last input
[tab/RCM]Tab key; Display memory/clear memory
[delete /C/E]  Delete; Delete (latest) all inputs
[home/ ]  Home key; Radical operation
[end/%±]  End key; Calculate percentage
[page up/M+]  Page up; Add to the Memory
[page down/M-]  Page down; Subtract to the Memory
[clear/CA] Clear key (Mac OS); Numlock (Windows OS); Clear saved calculations
[·/DEC SET·]  ./delete

1. The big characters on the middle position apply in Keypad mode.
The characters on the lower right corner apply in Calculator mod-e.
2. “clear”functions as “NumLock” in Windows OS.
3. “=/±” does not have function in Windows OS.

1. Please recharge the device when the LED indicator flashes in red.
2. The LED indicator shines in red during the recharging. It stops shinning when the battery is fully recharged.
Step 1: Slide the power switch to ON position.
Step 2: Press the Pairing Button to pair the device with iMac.
Step 3: The Bluetooth Icon flashes. 4. Open the Bluetooth setting in iMac.
Step 4: Search the device of “M Keypad KC9001”.
Step 5: Click to pair.
Step 6: The device will be paired with iMac automatically.

If there are no Bluetooth devices, or if the pairing time is more than 3 minutes,the pairing stops.No Bluetooth connection.More Notes and Warnings

1. Please recharge the device when the low power icon appears.
2. The LED indicator shines in red during the recharging. It stops shinning when the battery is fully recharged.
3. Keypad/Calculator Icon: The device is used in Keypad mode when the “K” appears;otherwise, it is Calculator mode.
4. In Keypad mode, the numbers and symbols will not appear on the LCD display.
5. The device supports Mac OS & Windows OS. It provides a range of 28 number, function, and document navigation keys to complement your Apple Wireless Keyboard. An ideal time-saver for data entry and accounting activities,

6. In Windows OS, the keys of “clear” functions as “Num Lock”. “Numlock” is closed in the default setting. Press the key of “clear” to open the “Numlock”. The keys of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and “.” can be written directly in your computer.