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24g Integrated Ozone Generator Air Purifier Odor Eliminator For Dish Dryer Refrigerator Portable Ozone Sterilizer Air Ozonizer


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Certification : CE
Model Number : AZ-24G-C
Material : ABS
Voltage : Other
Power (W) : <800W
Origin : CN(Origin)

The ozone disinfection machine is used to use the principle of
lightning discharge to use air as the raw material for ozone, and the
peristaltic discharge technology mixes to release high concentration ozone.
Ozone is a known strong oxidant. Under a certain concentration, it can quickly
kill water and air in various harmful bacteria. It is recognized as the most
powerful disinfectant in the world.


1.Suitable for dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronic
shoe cabinets, air purifiers, etc.

2.This ozone generator is portable and convenient for
professional DIY use.

3.Low power consumption, so it can help you save power.

4.Safe, quiet and efficient.

5.Using high pressure, using dry air or oxygen in the air as raw
materials to produce ozone.

6.Eliminate odors and freshen the old air.


Product size: 145 * 95 * 60MM

Product packaging: 175*95*115MM

Product weight: 532g / 18.77 ounces

Input voltage: AC220V

Ozone output: 24 g/h

Product power: 100 watts

Matters needing attention: air cooling, need to add fan to
dissipate heat when using. It is recommended that the size of the cooling fan is
120 mm or more, and the air volume is 2 cubic meters for more than one

Instructions for use: Go back and directly connect a plug and
fan to use. When the space is large, the time is longer, and the space is small,
and the time is shorter. Each time it is turned on within an hour to avoid
overheating damage

Do not touch the product during work to avoid high-voltage
accidental injury. It is recommended to install it on a high-temperature
insulation board to work. The chip looks purple in the dark during normal

Package list:

1 * Ozone generator